We offer career and leadership development programme designed to assist learners from grade 8- 12 in making and implementing informed career choices. Through these programme, learners become aware and develop their competencies in self knowledge, educational and occupational exploration as well as career planning.

Benefits of this programme:

  • Building interpersonal effectiveness and self-efficacy.
  • Increased self-esteem and motivation.
  • Develop leadership skills.
  • Maximized career awareness and access to opportunities available to succeed in society.
  • Broaden knowledge, skills and abilities through psychometric test.

School leadership involves setting school directions concerning students, teacher development, and allocation of material and financial resources. We help you design effective overall leadership, teaching methods and create an environment where learners can become the best they can be under your mentorship.

We are all about helping you become the best you can be by offering courses on soft skills such:
Personal Branding, Leadership, Emotional Intelligence, Personal Mastery and more...

We conduct brain profiling to assist you in the journey of self-awareness as well as success. The tool allows you to understand your thinking preference regardless of where you are in life.

We do brain profiling for:

  • Teachers – get to know your teaching style and how to create a conducive learning environment for all you learners.
  • Students – find out what careers are suitable for you based on your personality, we also offer learning style assessments.
  • Interns – if you want to know where you can excel in your career or employers want to determine a job match.
  • Parents – this tool will help you determine your parenting style and how to become a parent that creates an ideal environment for your child to excel.
  • School management – we offer leadership packages for School Governing Bodies, School management and student leadership.
  • Corporate - spot and understand employee behavior, discover specific causes of problems, create and sustain organization wellness and performance.