Sedzeni Nentshitendzhe

Sedzani Netshitenzhe

As an advocate for youth development and philanthropy, Sedzani Netshitenzhe is the founder and MD of Nzalo Careers.

Netshitenzhe’s experience spans over logistics, accounts and project management as well as various business endevours that led her to Nzalo Careers. In this role, she was responsible for sales, sponsorship acquisition, database management and managing various adhoc projects. In addition, the role enabled her to hone her skills in stakeholder and project management, in particular projects that involved careers and educational events while creating platforms for stakeholders to optimize their Social Return on Investment for their brands.

Due to her multitasking ability, she has put together teams in various departments for the execution of various projects and the formulation of business systems and processes. Her ability to leverage off people has seen her train and mentor interns. The passion for community development has seen her serve in various community projects as well as assist International students at UJ.  At the heart of community development lies one of her deepest passions to improve education and create avenues for our young learners to access quality information and opportunities to become active contributors of the economy.

PARTNER NETWORKS   Black Umbrellas, Mentors and Coaches  South Africa.