Interactive, life changing one day career expos in selected regions throughout the country, bringing together a wide range of institutions and organizations to our learners. These events offer exhibitors a platform to tap into a pool of talent. It is a vital tool to communicate with learners face to face and create an impressive memorable experience – Your brand can be the one they associate with. For exhibitions, educational event management and sponsorship packages contact our offices.

"I want to thank you very much for an Exhibition well organised. I have been attending exhibitions for the last 6 years and I am happy to tell you that you are among the best I have observed. I liked the team coherence I observed and role classification that was evidence of great leadership. Sedzani you are a great leader who gets her hands dirty. We at S.MAB truly appreciate being associated with Nzalo Careers. Thank you and Keep up the good work .The 4 of you deserve an award”. - S.MAB

“The expo is very much informative and helpful towards learners intending to further their studies. It makes it easy for learners to choose their career paths." -  PSETA

“Nzalo Careers expo is one organization that has quality management and excellent organizational skills"- Damelin

"The expo was well planned and organized. Sufficiently prepared and learners groomed to get more information". - Richfield Graduate Institute

"This is an informative, well organised expo. I like the passion of the leader of Nzalo on our youth. It is inspirational." Feikie Moagi- Acting Deputy Principal, George Mbulaheni Secondary School

"Initially I was very reluctant, I thought it would be like those unproductive career exhibitions we had before. The way it was organised was so excellent. Learners had ample time to rub shoulders with their facilitators."B.M. Tshililo Educator, Tshamakwatini Secondary School

"This is one of the best expos I have attended. My wish is to see Nzalo adopting one or two schools around Mafikeng."Kopano Mogale- Educator, Lapologang Senior Secondary School

"In my opinion, I think this is the way in which learners can be guided to identify their full potential. In my school, I have realised that learners are in high demand of knowing all facts regarding career guidance indeed." LN Mawela- Educator, Mphanama Comprehensive High School

"Nzalo managed to offer beyond our expectations in terms of careers." Gezani Chauke- Educator, EPP Mhinga Secondary School